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Our mission is to make high quality education available in all corners of the globe. From K-12 and higher education to professional education and beyond, our purpose is to ensure anyone can get the education, skilling and upskilling they need to compete and thrive in the 21st century. We design and deliver a wide range of education solutions and programs for professionals and enterprises all over the world through the Edvantic ecosystem. This includes global corporations, governments, credentialing and accreditation bodies, universities, multilateral aid bodies and other organizations. The vast Edvantic ecosystem extends across more than 90+ countries and is powered by the combination of the world’s most robust technologies, business processes, intellectual firepower and leadership insights. The entire ecosystem spans across industry verticals, institution types, and learning needs creating the most robust education network in the world.

Reaching out across continents, Edvantic equips educators, education-seekers and education for lasting impacts on business, commerce, leadership and careers. We straddle the entire value chain of global education. We research & develop groundbreaking knowledge on designing, delivering, regulating, managing education and learning processes and systems for the complete spectrum of educators. Powered by partnerships with renowned institutions, our expertise, solutions and initiatives impact education cutting across cultural, geographic and economic divides.

  • Our Impact

    Edvantic is reinventing how education is designed, delivered & harnessed for growth. Our education solutions help educators function at their optimal best on the one hand, and on the other, catalyze socio-economic development in nations, helping governments deliver change.

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  • Leadership

    Though at Edvantic, our team leads the way for us, it’s reassuring to know that there’s a fine blend of experience, young talent, energy and inventiveness working the magic under the bonnet for clients and partners of Edvantic.

Empowering Education

Our services and solutions help the world embrace and adopt a groundbreaking new architecture of education. We create new ways to enhance learning, establish credibility, and validate competency by fueling the expansion of the world’s leading education institutions and credentialing bodies.

  • Strengthening Institutions

    The challenges that schools and universities face rarely fit neatly into one practice area. Each institution is an intricate ecosystem. Our services are set up to intersect and tie together key areas to improve the overall effectiveness of the institution. Each of our services can be delivered at a school, campus, or system level, and each offers implementation support. We are dedicated to working alongside our clients from the diagnosis of a challenge to the delivery of results.

  • Improving Outcomes

    In a rapidly changing world, education has never been more important as a critical tool to help people achieve their full potential. At Edvantic, we work to improve educational and employment outcomes for all people by promoting equal opportunity in societies. We do this by providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality education for every individual, and closing long-standing gaps in outcomes across race, socioeconomic status, and gender.

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Giving Back

The Edvantic Foundation leads our efforts to make our communities happier, healthier and safer. Our social responsibility fabric is expanding to include more community causes.

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