Leading with Global Leaders

At Edvantic, we have an ever-expanding list of stakeholders which includes: governments, higher-education institutions, accreditation bodies, credentialing organizations, multilateral aid organizations, partners and professionals all around the world.

Working with Global Experts

Our expertise across the education value chain is derived from the best-in-class expertise of our partners. We deliver world class solutions thanks to our network of the best companies and professionals in training, assessment, audit, learning and publishing.

Empowering Socio-Economic Development

Empowering Socio-Economic Development

We work with a host of academic experts, special interest groups, supra-national and multilateral aid organizations and charitable foundations on projects related to skill development, employability enhancement and entrepreneurship.

Expanding Business Excellence

We also work with a host of international professional and Industry associations to lend our education expertise. This allows us to advocate and promote professional development through adherence to international professional credentialing standards.

Helping Governments Deliver Change

Helping Governments Deliver Change

Edvantic is the world leader in large-scale workforce development. We work with governments directly and through collaborators on standards development, employability enhancement, internal certification development and industry growth.

Working with Leading Credentialing & Accreditation Bodies

Some of the world’s most respected certification, credentialing and accreditation bodies are exclusive Edvantic clients. We offer them end-to-end services like sales, innovation, research, publishing, supply chain and customer support internationally. These credentialing and accreditation giants are leaders in their respective niches such as Data Science, HR & talent management, education, blockchain, strategy and Investment finance. Our work with them keeps us at the leading-edge for anything in professional credentialing and accreditation.

Our Impact

Edvantic’s ecosystem is focused on increasing the global spread of education. Equipped with robust digitally-powered mechanisms and a large global network of partners, Edvantic has significantly enhanced the capabilities of the education industry. This includes reducing the costs of accessing new markets, developing intellectual talent, building educational standards, conducting research and preparing assessments and content. Through innovative processes and management, we are enabling institutions to deliver high-quality education across the world.

We take pride in the fact that our worldwide network impacts the industry development and competitiveness strategies of several nations and international corporations. We are actively working with several governments and multilateral aid bodies on various high impact projects related to employability growth, workforce development, business improvement and industry growth.

Edvantic Provides a Wide Array of Specialist Services to Education Leaders Around the World

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