The Edvantic Foundation (TEF)

The Edvantic Foundation (TEF) is a not-for-profit initiative of Edvantic, established to contribute to causes like preservation of environment, development of underprivileged communities in and around the locations of the company’s facilities, and to strengthen the hands of local governments and non-governmental organizations in a variety of causes including post-disaster rehabilitation, extreme weather relief, adult education, sports development and employability development of youth and the displaced. TEF primarily operates through employee-volunteer efforts, and special-purpose subsidies funded through various grant-in-aid schemes of global charity organizations.

Our Initiatives

Under the Edvantic CSR Policy 2012, the company has approved and instituted several innovative initiatives for TEF to contribute to the protection, sustainability, development, growth and empowerment of several strategically identified community-clusters as well as segments and groups of populations who are in need. The company invests funds, time, and outcome-driven project management attention in these CSR initiatives to deliver maximum impact to the lives of the targeted beneficiaries.

TEF contributes to the development and support of the poor effected by natural disasters through training, education and the creation of local employment opportunities. TEF provides fee-subsidies to talented and meritorious individuals to help them acquire good education, training and international qualifications to increase their employability for good jobs. TEF specifically focuses on Employability Development, Sports Development and Community Care.

Employability Development – ASPIRE & AAROHAN

Edvantic works with governments around the world in various areas of employability development. The Edvantic Foundation leverages its technical capabilities to organize training programs for underprivileged communities so that the poor can be made employable in organized industrial sectors, multiple industry verticals, and professions. Under its Aspire and Aarohan initiatives, Edvantic invests in employability development of underprivileged university graduates and helps them acquire international qualifications so that they can get good jobs after completing their studies.

TEF has focused on subsidizing education and certifications of financially needy and meritorious students of multiple universities to help them obtain international qualifications. This is to enhance their employability for quality jobs in technology, sales, marketing and other services sectors. TEF funds the subsidies through tapping into grant-in-aid schemes of multinational charity organizations and government programs.

Sports Excellence Development - ALTIUS

The company's Altius program focuses on encouraging youth to take up sports without the worry of financial constraints. It also helps talented and high-potential sportspersons improve their competitive abilities through funding their training and participation in competitions. In May 2018, for example, The Edvantic Foundation co-sponsored the Mt. Everest expedition of India's Mountain Man Rahul Gupta with the aim to contribute to promoting mountaineering and adventure sports in the country. The following year, in June 2019, The Edvantic Foundation co-sponsored Divyam Mishra, a 15 year old ace shooter in the rifle category. Divyam was selected in the Indian team for national and international competitions.

The Edvantic Foundation co-sponsored Divyam Mishra Edvantic Foundation

Community Care

TEF provides special programs on healthcare, adult literacy, seasonal employment and other programs in India and other locations. TEF has also introduced a set of new initiatives on micro-entrepreneurship and special education for rural women based in northern India. An array of subsidies are being made available for women who can train and certify under Edvantic programs at zero cost. Under the umbrella of the Happy Winters program, we organize campaigns for providing blankets, quilts and woolen clothes to needy families every year in different parts of the country. To ensure the safety, security, health and development of poor children in India with a special focus on girls and special needs kids in rural and semi-urban areas. TEF is committed to being associated with other agencies working for these and related causes. TEF deploys special teams to work in disaster affected areas and organizes long-term training, education and job-camps for the effected population.

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