Education Industry Impact and COVID-19

Aug 07, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted educational systems worldwide by dramatically changing the way educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities operate, and how students learn. As students, educators, and institutions from all over the world try to adapt to these uncertain and unprecedented circumstances, here are the three main ways COVID-19 has impacted education across the world:

  • Schools & Institutions Closures
    Students are moving towards distance learning. Approximately 98.5 percent of the world’s student population has been impacted by school closures. Many of these students are now using online resources and technologies, such as Google Classroom and Zoom to interact with their teachers and complete assignments and tasks. Even though some schools have implemented comprehensive and effective distance learning programs with minimal impact on students’ learning, most schools are dealing with a situation like this for the first time. Therefore, most schools, colleges and universities have struggled to effectively transition to online learning, which has impacted students’ ability to learn and retain information considerably.

  • Digital Divide a Huge Disadvantage
    As schools increasingly turn to online instruction, many underprivileged students do not have access to the technology needed to learn online, and are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to online learning. Most schools across the world cannot afford to provide the technology and tools required for students to learn online, which has had a huge impact on lower-income students.

  • Cancelation of Assessments
    Assessments conducted by national or internal educational bodies have been postponed or canceled as a result of the pandemic. Because most educational bodies and organizations hold their exams in a classroom environment with many other students, it is impossible to carry out assessments in the same manner as before. In many countries, assessments are used as a key qualification to enter higher education, and the canceling of assessments has decreased the equality of opportunity in many countries by preventing students from taking these exams and opening up new career opportunities and pathways for themselves.

Needless to say, these developments have also impacted all of us at Edvantic, as we seek to design and implement new solutions to allow all students to easily access our educational programs and grow in their respective career fields. Through our highly advanced digital platforms, students or working professionals are able to continue their learning journey. Students or working professionals sitting anywhere around the world can also take assessments through the Examstrong digital exam-taking platform that Edvantic offers. With a solid digital ecosystem in place, we are proud to be able to empower students to continue along their learning journeys or start new ones, and become more qualified in their professions. We believe that students deserve this to sustain their educational future in these uncertain circumstances.

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