The State of Higher Education 2021

Mar 11, 2021

After a year of record-low student enrollments, amidst an overall long-term downward trend, higher education is looking to leverage alternative education options. Edvantic takes a deeper examination of the changes on the horizon.

Are professional certification, post baccalaureate, and certificate programs in your new expansion plans? If recent developments in higher education are any sign, they’re a must.

The centuries-old model of admitting 18-year-olds to universities, and then sending them out for lifelong careers is going out of relevance. Students and parents are questioning the skyrocketing tuition rates of the degree programs and not nearly enough returns. And companies are not mandating degrees for jobs as a basic prerequisite. The demands are changing.

Traditional degree-structure poses an existential threat for universities and colleges. Taking their place are shorter-form courses, and online learning as the “new education pathways.”

Students and employers are asking for – shorter, cheaper, flexible, and accessible education options that can prepare them for the future.

This is an opportunity for public and private sector leaders to recreate the “idea of university,” reset education and co-design a system that delivers on industry’s expectations as well as student needs.

New education pathways must:

  • Ensure that while the programs might be short, the quality is not compromised.
  • Use new technologies to make learning effective, easy, and accessible.
  • Improve professional learning component (say, with certification-degree mix).

Edvantic leads an inquiry into the ongoing changes and new opportunities in higher education. Discover them in the infographic below.

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