Blockchain is changing the very way we compute, analyze and transact. It’s impacting all the technologies that we have today. New hyperledger standards, platforms and models – often augmented with AI and machine–learning capabilities – are replacing older database technologies. While organizations are looking at ways to rapidly embrace and switch to blockchain based technologies, application developers and software professionals are swooning on reskilling themselves for blockchain.

If you want to introduce blockchain programs in your institution, we can custom-build exclusive products replete with learning material and your own certifications. You can also ask us to get your talents certified on the best blockchain standards available globally today.

If you desire to develop your own internal certification system or programs for your organization offering services related to any node of the blockchain industry value chain, connect with us now! In tandem with the Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA), Edvantic offers the world’s first 3rd party certification programs for a range of blockchain professional roles.

All certification examinations offered through CBCA are conducted by ExamStrong in a variety of modes - including real time, online proctored in the private mode, and the center-based modes – and are available across 180+ countries covering all major cities and business locations. Universities and institutions can consider the special Edvantic programs for getting their graduating students certified affordably and easily in these hot tech professions to improve their employability. We also help companies adopt and switch to international standards and knowledge in getting their employees certified. Governments, industry chambers, and multilateral aid organizations can leverage Edvantic expertise and networks to build worldclass pools of certified Blockchain professionals.

The Impact Edvantic Makes

Blockchain is huge for Business, Careers, and economies. According to recent surveys, the world needs at least 50,000 professionals certified and skilled in mission–critical Blockchain functions, including blockchain application development, blockchain security, cryptocurrency investment advisory and blockchain integration. Armed with the standards and credentialing apparatus of an independent international 3rd party blockchain standards body, Edvantic is on its way to introducing some of the most rigorous Blockchain certification programs intended for a cross-section of the most important emerging Blockchain professions. By the end of 2024, Edvantic and its worldwide partner network will certify 15,000+ Blockchain professionals.

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