Technology increasingly threatens to disrupt the revenue pipelines of businesses and distract business leaders. Organizational leaders and managers today need competency, skills, and perspective in Business Strategy to keep their organizations agile and yet anchored to strategy-directed courses for success. Edvantic has developed a new set of powerful standards, mechanisms and tools to help businesses equip their leaders with Business Strategy credentials for success in a post-globalized landscape of the 21st century.

That makes us your top choice if you desire to develop your own internal certification system or programs for your leadership and managerial talents in Business Strategy.

If you want to introduce highly advanced and customized Business Strategy certification programs for your department to improve governance delivery, we can custom-build exclusive products replete with learning material and your own qualification framework to exactly address your challenges. You can ask us to get your leaders and managers certified on the best Business Strategy standards available globally today.

Edvantic offers the world’s only 3rd party Business Strategy certification programs for a range of top-level executive talent, board members, and high-promise middle-managers. These Business Strategy certification programs for leaders are designed to embed smoothly in your succession planning initiatives.

All exams for the international Business Strategy certification programs managed by Edvantic are conducted on the ExamStrong platform in a variety of modes - including real time, online proctored in the private mode, and the center-based mode – and are available across 180+ countries covering all major cities and business locations. We also help companies implement a robust Business Strategy competence framework for their top leaders. Governments, industry chambers, and multilateral aid organizations can leverage Edvantic expertise and networks to build high quality pools of future-ready, high-impact leaders certified in aspects like strategic business planning, transformational leadership, design thinking, agile planning, talent management and digital transformation, to name a few.

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