Strides in Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning in recent years have changed not only how people and organizations work, but also the very way technologies themselves originate, spread and operate. New standards, platforms and models – augmented with AI and machine learning capabilities – have replaced their older cousins almost overnight. That’s a scenario that is pushing professionals to acquire specialist qualifications in this hot industry space.

Edvantic, in tandem with the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), offers the most powerful 3rd–party vendor neutral certifications for Data Science professionals involved in the analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer and visualization of data. DASCA is the world’s leading specialist body in Data Science. They have the enhanced and dedicated focus that this field deserves. Edvantic provides world class training kits and exam preparation material to all individuals registering in DASCA Data Science Certification programs. All certification examinations are conducted by ExamStrong in a variety of modes - including real time, online proctored in the private mode, and center-based modes - available across 180+ countries covering all major cities and business locations.

Edvantic is also partnering with world renowned education institutions to offer advanced programs and graduate degrees in Data Science. These advanced degree programs are the perfect complement to Edvantic’s robust credentialing network, allowing the entire gamut of data science professionals around the world to get the education and knowledge they need to become data science experts. We also help companies adopt DASCA’s leading standards and knowledge in getting their employees and new recruits certified. Governments, industry chambers, and multilateral aid organizations can leverage Edvantic expertise and networks to build the highest quality pools of Data Science and Analytics professionals.

The Impact Edvantic Makes

Data Science is huge for businesses, careers, and economies. At last count, the world needed over 100,000 professionals certified and skilled in mission–critical data science functions, including data analytics, data visualization, Data Science research and Big Data integration. Armed with the standards and credentialing apparatus of the DASCA specialists, Edvantic is on its way towards introducing some of the most rigorous data science certification programs. By the end of 2024, Edvantic and its worldwide partner network certified 50,000+ Big Data professionals.

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