Early childhood education refers to the education of children from birth up the age of eight. High-quality early education provides young children with a solid foundation and environment that enables them to develop the cognitive, social, and emotional skills and experiences needed for healthy development and academic success. Research finds that a solid early childhood education has several long-term benefits throughout school and beyond – including greater educational attainment and life success – especially for English language learners and children from low-income households. The care and support that children receive in the initial years of their lives can make a huge difference in their lives and the lives of their caregivers.

To ensure that all children can realize the gains that come from receiving a high-quality early childhood education, institutions need to develop strategies to create an effective early education system.

Some high-impact strategies that can help build a strong and cost-effective early childhood education system include:

  • 01 Using an evidence-based curriculum and developmentally relevant instructional practices
  • 02 Teach children age-appropriate content that focuses on their need to explore and discover the world around them
  • 03 Developing a quality rating system linked to program standards to measure effectiveness across providers and deliver targeted support for program improvement
  • 04 Coordinating and aligning different educational systems and services for children
  • 05 Investing in educator quality by providing teachers higher pay and increased access to specialized training, classroom-oriented coaching, and professional development support.

One critical success factor for a holistic early childhood education program is the development of an effective curriculum that provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning abilities and a philosophy that helps teachers build on students’ prior learning and experiences. At Edvantic, we recognize that a high-quality early education curriculum needs to:

  • 01 Ensure strong cognitive and social development
  • 02Promote early childhood language and literacy development
  • 03Encourage children to think, reason, question, and experiment
  • 04 Foster creative expression and an appreciation for the arts
  • 05 Demonstrate and encourage sound health, nutrition and childhood safety practices
  • 06Establish specific learning and development learning goals
  • 07 Include highly interactive and experiential learning activities that engage students
  • 08 Support individualized instruction for children with different needs

Edvantic offers leading accreditation programs for early childhood education and has partnered with state and local agencies to help develop early education systems. We understand the operational, policy, and technology fundamentals of early childhood education programs such as childcare, pre-kindergarten, Head Start, early intervention, maternal and infant health, and more importantly, how each of these services need to come together to form an integrated system that ensures that children receive the highest standard of care and development in their early years.