Edvantic certification products, services and solutions are perfect complements to university educations. Almost all certification brands we serve are being deployed across the world in nurturing smart professionals for the future.

Universities are our most critical education partners. As such, we invest substantial attention to evolving credentialing solutions that increase the employability of university students in their chosen career–tracks. For starters, we have the prestigious DASCA (Data Science), TMI (Talent Management), ARTiBA (Artificial Intelligence), and CBCA (Blockchain) certifications for students. They are easily embeddable in the regular academic regimen of undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

Edvantic is also vigorously expanding the networks of centers of excellence in data science and talent management,, setting them up in leading universities around the world. Not the least, the Education Management Research Center at Edvantic offers the Global Fellow program in Higher Education Management for heads and promoters of higher education institutions. This elite program will be offered in 2022 in association with a leading Ivy league University.

Edvantic works with higher education institutions not only for credentialing excellence, but also to create high power advanced education programs. Edvantic has partnerships with Ivy League schools and other premiere institutions around the world. We are working together with these institutions to create advanced programs, executive education programs and graduate degree programs in technical areas such as data science, talent management, artificial intelligence, and more.

Get Your University The Cutting Edge

Institutions and universities have become the most important hotbeds for young talent preparing for 21st century business. Edvantic can help your institution establish worldclass academies for facilitating your students in developing themselves for some of the most exciting new professions of the 21st century. This includes Big Data, info–tech, cloud computing, private equity, valuation and talent management, to name a few. Get your university to the cutting edge by becoming an institutional partner of any of the world’s most respected standards bodies of the Edvantic Consortium.

Please write to us at info@edvantic.com if you want your university to get associated with some of the work we are doing or, if you want your students to be certified for emerging professions.