In the globalized 21st century economic landscape, finance activities such as investing, managing risks and returns, and funding businesses demand knowledge and skills that are uniquely complex and different from traditional approaches. With continued technological innovation, opportunities are arising at an unprecedented rate. Edvantic has introduced a new collaboration with the Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA) designed to meet these new 21st century challenges.

The holders of these credentials assure employers of their comprehension, knowledge and exposure to all critical theories, tools and methodologies that the investment banking industry demands. The list includes critical aspects like valuation, investment analysis, international financial markets, financial engineering, and technology–driven models and platforms on financial analytics.

Replete with worldclass training kits and exam preparation material, the certification examinations for programs offered by IBCA are conducted by our ExamStrong around the world, leading to internationally recognized credentials. Universities and institutions can take advantage of special Edvantic programs to get their graduating students certified in these growing finance professions affordably and help improve their employability scores to vie for the very best for investment management jobs.

Firms can also partner with Edvantic to get their potential recruits certified swiftly, conveniently and affordably, while improving their performance potential. By the end of 2024, Edvantic and its worldwide partner network will certify 10,000+ investment management professionals. If you're a major in Finance, adding an international credential on investment management may well be the difference maker for you.

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