Teaching and learning are complicated process that are in many ways, shaped by context. We believe that teaching should not be scripted and that students’ passions and needs should inform the curriculum. We also believe that the purpose of education is to create a critically thinking citizenry that will consume and produce information mindfully and represent the next generation of thought leaders.

We believe that students have a natural curiosity about the world and desire to learn when they can see how what they are learning matters to them. We believe that the learning that students encounter in the classroom should be connected to their lives and that they should be given opportunities to engage in purposeful activities outside the classroom that teach them how to use what they know in real-life contexts.

We believe that teachers are professionals. We believe that they know their students the best and should be supported in every aspect of their job, from designing engaging curricula that reflect the needs of their students to negotiating with federal, state, and local education authorities to develop policies that benefit their students.
And we believe that our role, as an education company, is to work as deeply committed partners with teachers, students, and school administrators to determine together how to best support the important work of educating our children.

Edvantic provides K-12 schools with exemplary educational standards and research services to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, compliance and decision-making of educational systems and processes. We address all academic, operational, program or administrative needs you face in public education to make your educational systems more robust and beneficial for students.

Edvantic works with innovative education nonprofits and school systems to create more opportunities for underserved students to better their lives and achieve their potential. We are committed to supporting high-impact organizations across the world looking to transform education and drive lasting, systemic change in their communities.
Through sophisticated statistical methods, we analyze the efficiency of your academic programs and school and student interventions. We work closely with educators and school administrators to address any potential shortcomings in these areas and use our analysis to develop a comprehensive step-by-step plan and deliver an improvement in student educational outcomes.

Edvantic implements global standards leading to accreditation of K-12 schools across several important areas including:

  • Afterschool programs
  • Career and technical education (CTE)
  • Charter schools
  • College and career readiness
  • District and school turnaround
  • Educator effectiveness
  • Educator professional development
  • Employee satisfaction
  • English language learners
  • Postsecondary interventions
  • School climate and safety
  • School and student discipline
  • School to workforce pipeline
  • Special education
  • Student growth models
  • State and longitudinal data systems
  • Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)