The frontiers of private equity are rapidly expanding. As technology continues to evolve and deals grow bigger and bigger, conventional skills such as investment and asset management and accounting will no longer suffice. The rules of the game are changing. If you’re in PE or VC, you need to change with them.

That’s why Edvantic has partnered with the United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) to bring about groundbreaking new frameworks and standards to take PE or VC professionals to the next level.

USPEC has designed cutting-edge programs based on a set of comprehensive market and technical studies involving dozens of private equity and venture capital firms, leading private investors, chief investment officers, investment principals, as well as many leading investment and asset managers.

Replete with training kits and exam preparation material, the certification examinations for programs offered by USPEC are conducted by our ExamStrong around the world, leading to internationally recongnized credentials. Universities and institutions can take advantage of special Edvantic programs to get their graduating students certified in these growing private equity affordably and help improve their employability scores to vie for the very best for jobs.

Head For A Heady Career

21st century business is about startups, valuation and M&As! There's a huge need for trained and skilled professionals in business–valuation, private equity and M&A. It's time you topped-up your finance degree with any one of the world's most premier credentials that we have for budding private equity, M&A and valuation professionals.

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