Edvantic provides workforce and employability development solutions to governments in projects funded by the World Bank and other charity/ multilateral aid bodies working in the social and economic development space. We facilitate state–of–the–art training and credentialing, deploying the standards and certifications of the Edvantic consortium member bodies in a host of professional areas. Our worldwide assessment arm ExamStrong creates exclusive project–related examination facilities for our clients.

Edvantic has facilitated many advanced development partnerships, such as the one between Kenya Methodist University and The World Bank. The mission of this partnership is to develop a Center of Excellence for the ICT Board of Kenya, under the Ministry of ICT, and create Trainer development programs and professional certification infrastructure for 5000 individual certifications annually. We’re also working with The Rockefeller Foundation on various Impact Sourcing initiatives to empower the underprivileged for jobs such as customer interaction, data processing and more.


Edvantic is taking development projects to new heights. In association with Commonwealth Telecom Organization , EY and BCI we recently advised the Ghana Government on Strategic Policy development for creating the job-ready education framework for school leavers. This partnership is working on several capacity development projects for the World Bank.

To know more about how you can get certifications for your project staffers and organizations engaged in social development projects, please write to us at info@edvantic.com.