At Edvantic, we believe that all learners need to be equipped with the right resources and skills to adapt to changes and compete in today’s knowledge economy, which is driven by scientific and technological innovations. To succeed in this new information-based and technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM at a much higher level than ever before. This requires a fundamental shift in education and an emphasis on STEM literacy and readiness for all. Teaching and learning should not focus on discrete bits of information, but more on a transdisciplinary approach that enables students to deal with real-world issues that impact their own community and world.

All of us at Edvantic have immersed ourselves in the full spectrum of what goes into creating and implementing customized and high-impact STEM projects. We curate high-quality resources and partner and collaborate when necessary. We guide our clients and help them reach their full potential by establishing the necessary conditions and requirements that enable them to achieve and sustain desired outcomes. Our support for clients includes:

Designing STEM learning strategies

STEM learning is only effective if it is designed in a through and advanced manner. Edvantic’s work involves the comprehensive design of STEM schools and the transformation of existing ones, providing planning support to school districts and networks, and the creation of STEM learning strategies ranging from curriculum-embedded capstone projects to aligning in-school and out-of-school learning initiatives in the community.

Supporting STEM Learning Ecosystems

STEM Learning Ecosystems (SLEs) are critical to removing artificial barriers to the access of STEM education. A comprehensive and integrated SLE initiative provides the framework required for cross-sector learning, offering young people access to STEM-rich learning environments that enable them to develop important skills and engagement in science, technology, engineering and math. Edvantic designs and provides support to such STEM Learning Ecosystems across the world as a global endeavor to fuel the capabilities of existing and new ecosystems. Edvantic’s strong SLEs feature dynamic collaborations among schools, STEM educators, out-of-school programs, STEM expert institutions and the private sector that help create advanced STEM learning environments

Developing Human Capital

Educators and facilitators are the driving force behind STEM programs and learning experiences. We provide training and professional development for STEM educators across a variety of fields, such as digital fabrication, creation of instruction models, and curriculum alignment. Additionally, we help with job descriptions, recruitments and vetting applicants to help you build a solid and experienced team of STEM educators.

Implementing STEM standards

Edvantic implements global standards leading to accreditation of STEM teaching and learning programs for Pre-K-12 institutions. These standards clearly define the components needed to create and sustain efficient, student-centered STEM teaching and learning programs, and set clear expectations for student outcomes and mastery of STEM skills across a large spectrum of professions.

As a result, students learn how to use STEM to stand out and obtain an industry perspective in a variety of fields – from healthcare to education to manufacturing. Edvantic uses statistical analysis to develop a research-based framework and criteria to assess and improve the quality, rigor and substance of STEM educational programs for Pre-K-12 institutions. We work with educators and administrators to provide students with the latest STEM content, access to thought capital in the innovation industry and comprehensive guidance on how to differentiate themselves in a competitive field like STEM.

Implementing STEM standards

Additionally, we believe that students can only truly understand STEM when they experience it. Edvantic provides students of our STEM-accredited schools the opportunity to participate in STEM events such as digital hackathons and boot camps with other students from our worldwide network of accredited STEM institutions. This provides a platform for them to engage and interact with other aspiring STEM students and become part of a global community of students who work together to use their technical knowledge to solve real-world issues. Therefore, your students are able to actually experience STEM in different contexts and develop the communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities needed to succeed in the field today.

Through valid and reliable processes, tools and training, Edvantic’s accreditation services ensure that even the most effective STEM programs are able to continually improve and evolve to meet the needs and demands of today’s world.