With knowledge increasingly driving our world, our business and our economies, human talent has emerged as our most precious resource. It's not surprising to see corporations turning to smart Talent Management practices to compete better and tackle the future. On one hand, there's a scuffle to find bright talent managers. On the other, CHROs chip away at their enterprise HR edifices to build talent management into the fabric, seeking new benchmarks, standards, and frameworks for effectiveness.

The Edvantic talent management project is a pioneering international initiative for facilitating swift, convenient and affordable access to the most rigorous and comprehensive standards, frameworks, qualifications and credentials of the Talent Management Institute (TMI).

We are charged with the responsibility of developing a worldwide TMI ecosystem, replete with a partner network, digital credentialing platform and complete knowledge ware. In addition to taking TMI's Talent Management credentialing expertise out across the world, we are also building what is the world's largest ever community of talent management practitioners, experts, consultants and organizations to set in motion an organic mechanism for constant exchange of thoughts, research and ideas. Notably, the Talent Management Institute (TMI) owns the most distinguished qualifications and certifications on Talent management, and Edvantic has the exclusive mandate to market and manage TMI’s certification products worldwide.

Talent Management Rebooted

Edvantic is on course to introduce some of the most powerful credentialing programs in Talent Management the world may have ever seen. In fact, we are leveraging the Talent Management Institute's expertise in the subject to unleash several new talent management paradigms.

If you want your HR systems to align to the prestigious TMIETMS10/TMIETMS14 standards, or your HR managers and staffers to acquire a prestigious TMI certification or qualification, or you want your business students to get TMI certified for enhanced role–suitability and brighter prospects in talent management, please write to us at info@edvantic.com