Edvantic Executive Education offers high-end executive learning programs which cover a range of functional specializations for industries including Healthcare, Higher Education and K-12/ School Education. Functional specializations of focus include Talent Management, Data Science and Business Strategy, among others. Our enterprise solutions are geared to help businesses and educational institutions manage their learning centers profitably. This can be done in collaboration with you, or you can outsource the full operation to us so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Explore Ongoing Programs

These programs are delivered in association with Ivy league schools and other specialist centers of Edvantic Global Institute. Write to us for more information on how you can join or how a group can be registered for them.

  • Associate Fellow of Talent Management

    Multi-modal program featuring Talent Management MasterClass sessions and Online Learning; designed to prepare senior HR professionals for enhanced impact and future HR leadership roles


  • Global Fellow of Talent Management

    Advanced Talent Management program, featuring MasterClass sessions and Online Learning; designed to transform accomplished HR leaders into globally recogonized influencers


  • Global Fellow of Higher Education Management program

    Advanced Education Management program delivered for Heads, Board Members and Senior Executives of institutions and regulatory bodies related to Higher Education


  • Global Fellow of School Leadership and Management

    Advanced Education Management program featuring the Masterclass; for Heads of schools and regulatory bodies associated with K-12 education.


Breakthrough Learning

Edvantic executive education addresses the knowledge and learning needs of executives across functional specializations, industries and sectors. It ensures advanced learning on breakthrough concepts. All programs are remarkably transformational in the experience they offer to participants, providing learning that participants can immediately use in their organizations to resolve long-standing challenges. The programs are multi-modal and flexibly designed to aid self-paced learning. They feature instruction by professors who are most globally renowned in their fields during live-and-learn visits to elite university campuses. All programs have carefully selected multicultural cohorts of high-achieving peers.



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