Industry-Focused Programs

Edvantic solutions and programs for executive leadership education address the learning needs of senior professionals across functions, industries and sectors. Most of these programs are multi-modal and flexibly designed for self-paced learning, with components delivered by the world’s most renowned professors. Thoroughly rigorous on curricula and content, all Edvantic programs are remarkably transformational in the experience they offer to participants. Edvantic executive & leadership education solutions are particularly known for providing learning that participants can immediately use in their organizations to resolve long-standing challenges.

The effectiveness and impact of leaders are increasingly being driven by abilities that are uniquely industry-dependent. Leadersship capabilities, approaches and practices need to be aligned to the dynamics of the industries and spaces their organizations play in; one size does not fit all any longer. Edvantic develops highly specialized programs for top executives and leaders of specific industries using unique leadership-learning models relevant for those industries. These programs aim at making senior executives more effective in leading people, situations and organizations through change and unpredictability in their respective industries.

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Function Leadership Programs

Edvantic has a robust line of executive programs focused on functional leadership excellence. For Instance, since December of 2017 more than 200 top HR and talent leaders from organizations around the world have graduated from the Fellow Program in Talent Management, designed and delivered in collaboration with the Talent Management Institute. Their functional-excellence focus at the design level equips Edvantic programs for powerfully addressing the range of learning needs that functional heads of large organizations typically have. At the core of Edvantic programs lies the belief that great leadership is always reflected in the achievement of measurable – ideally, radically enhanced - improvements in business outcomes.

Custom Programs & Solutions for Organizations

Edvantic leverages its vast interdisciplinary knowledge and research capabilities to design custom executive education solutions for organizations. Our solutions are designed around the very detailed knowledge and skill demands of each client. They are optimized for the specific level of executives needed; those who may be facing specific environmental or situational challenges, those who need to be prepared for a unique project, or a new business unit, for a post-merger organization, or for a specific geography. In fact, we even design solutions with specific courses and certifications from a university or business school that the organization may want. All Edvantic custom executive education programs cover knowledge of new trends, theories, and decision frameworks. They also include new behavioral and technical competencies that the client organization intends its target managers and leaders to be equipped with.

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Expanding the Reach of Premier Executive Programs

Edvantic leverages its extensive global network and worldwide presence for making elite executive education programs of premier schools available in geographies where they have not yet reached. Edvantic deploys its research capabilities and market insights to anticipate demand for such programs and helps universities and their professors in fine-tuning their executive learning programs for global markets. If you are an executive educator and are interested in marketing one of your executive education programs to a global audience, connect with us now.

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Transformational Leadership – The Single Biggest Need

The rapidly increasing global demand for leaders cannot be missed! Just for perspective, Fortune 500 companies have invested heavily on executive education and business leadership development. The trends show the CAGR of these expenditures are growing at high rates. The analysis of global studies and surveys on executive education impact in the recent years show impressive ROIs varying across executive levels, geographies and industry verticals. The most remarkable trend, however, is start-ups and mid-sized businesses beginning to invest in leadership development.

Managing Executive Education Department

The demand for Executive Education is rising across the globe. Institutions specializing in business, finance, technology, education or in any other professional discipline can benefit from this opportunity. Edvantic helps institutions leverage and optimize their intellectual properties and resources to incubate, establish, expand and manage their executive education departments as profit centers. Edvantic assumes complete business and operational responsibilities of the executive education department and functions as an extended arm of client institutions.

Leveraging its extensive global network, worldwide presence, cross-industry knowledge and research capabilities, and experience in designing high-end executive leadership education programs, Edvantic develops, promotes, and manages the delivery of executive education products and programs on global standards of excellence. If your institution is interested in exploring how Edvantic can turn your existing executive education department into a profit center, or you wish to establish an executive education department, connect with us today!

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Developing Inspirational Senior Executives

Edvantic executive education programs are carefully curated around sharply defined knowledge and learning objectives. We develop them in collaboration with some of the world's finest leadership experts, strategy scientists, top business schools, global professional standards bodies and ivy-league institutions. Some of our prominent collaborators include the Talent management Institute (TMI), Data Science Council of America ( DASCA), The Strategy Institute ( TSI) and the Artificial Intelligence board of America ( ARTiBA). The Edvantic executive education team is constantly engaged in research to identify new knowledge areas and skill zones in which senior management staff of the 3rd millennial organizations, business functions, business units, startups and community initiatives need to develop themselves.

Helping Universities Maximize Fee Revenue

Edvantic helps universities promote and market their flagship full-time graduate programs more effectively and maximize fee-based revenues. Our worldwide network and breakthrough student connection strategies help partner institutions shorten their admissions cycles, multiply intakes and quickly market new programs much more effectively. Being with Edvantic enables institutions to achieve planned admission targets, and even execute yield management pricing models in programs designed for premier student-audiences.

Our solutions are entirely outcome driven while being linked directly to result-areas like applications generated, admissions completed, and seats filled. We can even support institutions in selling a block of seats, or the entire batch of target programs, helping partner institutions focus more on managing theh delivery and quality of programs. Edvantic assumes complete responsibility of end-to-end promotion and sales and functions as an extended arm of partner institutions. If your institution is interested in exploring how Edvantic can help improve student recruitment outcomes and maximize your fee-revenues, write to us today at