Edvantic’s uniquely focused initiatives help educational institutions embrace and adopt global best practices fast and cost-effectively. These initiatives impact providers and regulators of higher, K-12 and STEM education globally. Academic institutions in developing nations are getting the opportunity to get accredited for offering education in important technology disciplines. Other Edvantic initiatives help institutions collaborate with their more accomplished global peers, and offer them opportunities of getting their students certified on global standards.

Growing education in the 21st century is about empowering institutions of education delivery and regulation for more agile functioning and outcome-driven operating. Edvantic's global initiatives are the first of their kind in the education space, introduced to help academic institutions grow inorganically through networking, outreach and collaboration, and rapid acquisition of new capabilities.

  • Turning Institutions World-class Fast, Cost-effectively

    The first ever of their kind in the world, Edvantic initiatives offer universities and academic institutions of emerging countries the never-before opportunity to get accredited by global leaders, and acquire capabilities of offering programs in new knowledge disciplines within a few months at heavily subsidized costs that can be recovered by institutions within a year through savings and new revenues.

  • Powering Institutions With the Cutting-Edge,

    Edvantic initiatives are fired by exclusive partnerships in several high-impact national and international missions on education improvement and promotion. They are geared to help educational institutions elevate their standards and quality to international levels through latest programs and standards-backed curricula in many emerging disciplines including data science and artificial intelligence.

  • Helping Institutions Globalize and

    Edvantic global initiatives help institutions in developing countries outgrow their national boundaries and join hands with global leaders in various knowledge disciplines, opening new channels of learning and collaboration. Institutions participating in this initiative, for instance, get global certification leaders into their campuses, helping them rapidly upgrade the quality and effectiveness of education.

  • Tapping Expertise of Worldwide Leaders…

    Institutions participating in Edvantic initiatives get the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the most respected and widely adopted knowledge standards and frameworks across important disciplines. We leverage the exclusive Edvantic partnerships with renowned global credentialing leaders like Data Science Council of America (DASCA), United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), The Strategy Institute (TSI), Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA), Talent Management Institute (TMI), Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA), and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA).

global credentialing leaders

Academic Affiliation Initiative

Even as you read this, Edvantic is working with quite a few institutions on their academic affiliation projects with internationally acknowledged knowledge leaders in various disciplines. So far, more than 500 institutions have been identified as the highest-promise ones, who will create maximum impact through academic affiliation. Harnessing its deep relationships with respected certification and standards bodies, Edvantic gets universities to affiliate, collaborate and associate with them in disciplines like talent management, data science, artificial intelligence, private equity and investment banking.

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Center of Excellence Initiative

Launched in early 2020, Edvantic’s center of excellence initiative has identified over 300 institutions so far as high-potential CoE candidates, and is working on quite a few CoE projects including those funded by the World Bank. Under this initiative, Edvantic strategically helps participating institutions use their existing infrastructure to quick-start a CoE, which the institution can later scale up organically or inorganically. Edvantic leverages its association with global subsidy initiatives like WDSI to help higher-education institutions establish centers of excellence in frontier disciplines including data science, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Talent Management and strategy.

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Data Science, Ai and Blockchain Initiative

Empowering higher education institutions for delivering technology education that covers the latest platforms and technologies stands at the top of Edvantic’s agenda for 2025. Even as you read this, Edvantic’s data science, Ai and blockchain initiative is busy equipping more than 80 participating institutions for best-in-class education delivery on the world’s most respected knowledge standards in these technology spaces. These institutions are being accredited under a special subsidy program of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI), and many of these institutions are also included in the Edvantic CoE initiative.

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K-12 Excellence Initiative

The latest in the string of groundbreaking new Edvantic initiatives, this one on K-12 Excellence promises to elevate more than 800 schools across 43 emerging economies to international standards and best practices in pre-college education. Cutting edge learning and institution management models pioneered by Edvantic Global Institute power the Edvantic K-12 initiative. K-12 schools engaged in the initiative are assisted in obtaining accreditation on global education standards, that enhance efficiency, compliance and decision-making effectiveness of K-12 educational systems and processes.

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Data Science in Schools Initiative

Taking data science right into K-12 schools is a fond part of the Edvantic mission to transform the way we build leaders of tomorrow. Covering more than 2000 schools around the world including those participating in the Edvantic K-12 and STEM excellence initiatives, this initiative has an exciting combination of contests, events and certifications in many areas of data science and artificial intelligence for high-schoolers. The Data Science in Schools initiative seeks to fan out modern technologies like data science and artificial intelligence into the world’s K-12 schools to change the way children prepare for their careers and the future.

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Student Certification Initiative

Started in 2015, Edvantic's Student certification initiative today touches the lives of over 15000 students around the world. Gathering more strength, in the next few years, the initiative is fanning out deeper into 60+ countries, helping higher education institutions get their students certified at a fraction of market costs in a variety of disciplines. Getting students certified on global standards of the world's most respected credentialing bodies is a great strategy to build-up student employability in disciplines where universities programs are often not sufficient.

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STEM Excellence Initiative

At Edvantic, we believe that all learners need to be equipped with the right resources and skills to adapt to changes and compete in today’s knowledge economy, which is driven by scientific and technological innovations. To succeed in this new information-based and technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM at a much higher level than ever before. This requires a fundamental shift in education and an emphasis on STEM literacy and readiness for all. Teaching and learning should not focus on discrete bits of information, but more on a transdisciplinary approach that enables students to deal with real-world issues that impact their own community and world.

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