Affiliating with global education and knowledge leaders helps educational institutions catch up fast with the latest global trends, curricula, programs and best-practices in education design, delivery, learning and institution management. Cutting across continents, Edvantic’s academic affiliation initiative aims at accelerating the process of catching up with the world’s best for both private and public institutions.

Edvantic Academic Affiliation Initiative

Aiming for 200…

The Edvantic academic affiliation initiative targets enabling at least 200 collaborations in the next two years for a wide gamut of public and private universities, technology and business schools and other specialist institutions. This Edvantic drive will especially help institutions in developing countries benchmark and learn from their experienced and globally renowned partners, and rapidly raise their academic standards and operational efficiencies to global levels. A special focus is on helping educators in developing countries grow their technology and business education standards through joint initiatives and programs with internationally acknowledged knowledge leaders. If your institution is interested in joining the Edvantic academic affiliation initiative and you wish an inclusion in the Edvantic list of high-promise institutions, do write to us at

The Many Disciplines We Cover…

Multi-disciplinary institutions of diverse sizes and scales are served best by Edvantic’s academic affiliation initiative. The most remarkable feature of this initiative is the breadth of disciplines that it covers. University departments and faculties, that participate in this initiative, for instance, get the opportunity to collaborate with global leaders across disciplines including data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, talent management, strategy, private equity management and investment banking. A majority of the institutions participating in the Edvantic Academic Affiliation initiative work on partnerships in multiple disciplines simultaneously, helping their major departments catch up to the global standards without losing time, lifting up the institutions profile significantly in barely few months. If your institution is interested in joining the academic affiliation initiative in any of these knowledge areas, do write to us at

Edvantic Global Academic Affiliation Program

The Many Leaders We Bring On…

Edvantic’s academic affiliation initiative leverages the exclusive Edvantic partnerships with renowned standards leaders across the most critical business, technology and industry disciplines including artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, talent management, business strategy, private equity management, investment banking and blockchain. Institutions participating in Edvantic academic affiliation initiative can become authorized education partners of these credentialing leaders, or engage in curriculum-level partnerships with them, or they can even imagine new forms of partnership that will suit their institution’s interests best.

The Many Ways We Bring Them Together…

Edvantic’s academic affiliation initiative is especially helping many African and Asian universities, technology institutions and b-schools engage with global knowledge leaders in multiple forms and formats. We are making institutions become authorized educators; or training partners, or official learning centers of leading standards and certification bodies. For many of these institutions participating in our academic affiliation initiative, we are even working full-bodied academic partnerships that eventually lead to joint-offering of academic programs or twinned degrees, or certification-topped academic programs.

Write to us today at to explore the opportunities to shake hands with global leaders.

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