The Edvantic CoE initiative especially looks at turning higher-education institutions in developing countries into creators of knowledge and nurseries of young talent and contribute ever more to their local industry and economy. Centers of excellence (CoEs) help higher education institutions develop specialized capabilities and stamp their intent of pursuing excellence in specific knowledge disciplines, besides strengthening their brand and unveiling new product, consulting and research opportunities for them. Institutions participating the Edvantic CoE initiative are provided structured knowledge, advise and solutions on all critical CoE elements including program design, curricular standards, certification support and learning content.

Edvantic Centre of Excellence initiative

Aligning to the Most Rigorous Standards …

Institutions participating in Edvantic CoE initiative get the opportunity to create super-specialist knowledge and research centers on the most respected and widely adopted knowledge standards and frameworks across important disciplines. Project implementation in the CoE initiative includes structured advisory assistance in which we leverage the exclusive Edvantic partnerships with renowned global credentialing leaders in data science private equity management, strategy, artificial intelligence, hr and talent management, investment banking and blockchain. If your institution is interested in joining the CoE initiative in any of these knowledge areas, and you wish an inclusion in the Edvantic list of Potential CoE institutions, do write to us at

Expanding the CoE Footprints Beyond the West…

The Edvantic CoE initiative has identified over 300 institutions across the world with potential and intent to create centers of excellence, because the initiative envisions making a significant macroeconomic impact in the developing and underdeveloped regions of the world through these CoEs. These regions are the real growth hotspots of the fourth industrial economy, and the Edvantic CoE initiative aims to equip educational institutions of these regions with capabilities to create localized knowledge and develop talent they need to spur their industrial and economic growth. Under this initiative, Edvantic has targeted developing at least 50 CoEs in Talent Management; 150 in data science and artificial intelligence; another 50 CoEs specializing in cutting edge education and research in private equity and investment banking and at least 20 CoEs specializing in Business Strategy. If your institution is interested in joining the Edvantic list of High Potential CoE institutions, do write to us at .

Covering Critical Knowledge Disciplines of Industry 4.0

Covering Critical Knowledge Disciplines of Industry 4.0

Rapid adoption of latest technologies, strategic smartness, access to low-cost business funding and talent development are some of the most critical requirements of economic growth for nations. Edvantic’s CoE initiative exactly addresses the needs of nations to have knowledge in these areas to drive sustainable growth, and covers the disciplines that are fueling business, industrial and economic growth around the world today. These include data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, talent management, strategy, private equity management and investment banking. Indeed, some of the high-potential institutions participating in the Edvantic CoE initiative are also considered ready for hosting CoEs in multiple disciplines. If your institution is interested in joining the CoE initiative to create its own center of excellence in any of these knowledge areas, do write to us at

Speed & Affordability Drives CoE Success …

Zero capital investments and rapid project implementation are two of the most unique plus-points of the Edvantic CoE initiative. A vast majority of institutions that are participating in the initiative – especially those in developing and emerging economies – are excited because the CoE budget is not a burden for them. They have the physical infrastructure to spare for creating their specialist knowledge centers, and they are confident that their faculty and staff can be inspired to scale up their work. Under the initiative, Edvantic at times even arranges for subsidies from multilateral bodies to reduce the cost of CoE advisory for participating institutions. Edvantic’s partnerships with global standards and credentialing bodies help us provide cutting-edge knowledge to institutions setting up CoE under the Edvantic CoE initiative.

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