Making Juniors Learn the Most Exciting in Data science & Ai

Under the data science in schools initiative, Edvantic helps participating schools with an array of exciting data science and artificial intelligence curricula and content for various levels of students – from middle schoolers and up. Students come closer to technology and understand what career paths they can pursue through data science, and what opportunities they will have in the future to apply data science at their job. The effort is to enable students identify real-world examples and applications of Data Science through projects and course assignments where they use data science tools and analytical techniques to create reports and presentations based on their findings.

Hackathons, Olympiads and Championships

A number of exciting events, contests and activities form a vital component of the Edvantic data science in schools initiative. There are regional and international hackathon circuits in data science and artificial intelligence; Olympiads and programming championships in which students of participating schools can take part and make the most of. These events are designed and conducted in collaboration with well-known international experts and global technology leaders.

Data Science in School initiative

Helping Children Earn the Most Prestigious Global Certifications

Schools participating in the Edvantic initiative get the opportunity to get their students earn certificates from internationally respected standards organizations in data science and artificial intelligence. These certifications inspire students for learning the latest technologies and explore how they can change the world using these technologies. Pre-college students would be especially excited by these certifications, because they will help in college admissions.

Assisting Schools in Getting Accredited for Data Science

The latest component of the data science in schools initiative is helping K-12 schools obtain prestigious accreditation for offering premium data science and artificial intelligence programs for students. Such accreditation is known to not only improve STEM educational standards of schools, but also contributes to enhancing their college admission results through adoption of global curricula, teaching methodologies and learning models.

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