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Edvantic solutions, programs and initiatives draw from the expertise and experience of leading educators, education research organizations, regulators, certification bodies and education promotion bodies in virtually all corners of the world. These partnerships help Edvantic design and implement exactly the solutions that fit the unique environments, education objectives and learning needs of geographically diverse client organizations. One such collaboration is Edvantic’s exclusive partnerships with missions like the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI).

University and Higher-Ed Partnerships

Edvantic partners with some of the most premiere universities and higher education institutions in the world. Through these partnerships, we bring premiere education to new parts of the globe and make the highest quality of education available to more people. We work with higher education institutions in a variety of ways, including creating and managing executive education programs , establishing on-campus International Centers of Excellence, and formulating new degree programs. To know more write to higher@edvantic.com

Accreditation Partnerships

The international education market continues to grow each year but, with the number of education providers growing too, the competition is fierce and the quality of educational offering determines how an institution performs in a tough market. Edvantic partners with world’s leading accreditation bodies to help institutions demonstrate its commitment to being a quality education provider, respected worldwide. If you are an accreditation body offering accreditation for PreK-12 to higher education please write to accreditation@edvantic.com to join our network.


Many leading credentialing and certification bodies are members of Edvantic’s Credentialing Partner Network. We work with credentialing bodies large and small to spread industry/ function specific knowledge through certifications. These partners provide certifications and credentials across an array of topics, including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence,Talent Management, Business Strategy, Finance and more! If you are a credentialing organization write to credentialing@edvantic.com to join our network.


Edvantic’s Education Partner network extends to more than 90 countries around the world. We partner with PreK-12 institutions, private and public schools and universities, b-schools, and other education institutions. Through these partners we’re able to bring education solutions to those most in need of them. To know more write to education@edvantic.com

Edvantic Training Partnerships

Training Partnerships

In addition to partnering with credentialing institutions themselves, Edvantic creates and facilitates partnerships with training providers as well. These training providers offer an array of training solutions to governments, businesses and other organizations authorized by the world’s leading credentialing bodies. Training partners are licensed to advocate, offer and operate training programs for their respective vertical. To become a training partner for leading qualifications and credentials write to training@edvantic.com

Distribution Partnerships

Providing education, certifications and knowledge solutions across more than 90+ countries is no easy feat. This requires many local and regional partners to facilitate distribution and delivery of our solutions. To become a distribution partner for a country or region write to distribution@edvantic.com

Franchise Opportunities

One of the most notable ways Edvantic is able to provide education opportunities around the world is through our Franchise Network. Licensed Franchisees at the local and regional level throughout the world enable our knowledge solutions to penetrate deeply into markets. Franchisees are an integral part of growing and strengthening the Edvantic educational advantage to provide high quality education and knowledge. In a nutshell, you’ll be an integral Edvantic extended arm, working with us to grow and strengthen our business. We invite you to become a Edvantic license holder today! Write to franchise@edvantic.com

Global Initiatives

Edvantic plays a pivotal role in the operations of various Global Knowledge Initiatives, such as the World Data Science Initiative . These initiatives are responsible for building and growing large task forces of highly skilled and highly employable people in a variety of specializations. The World Data Science Initiative, for example, is creating a network of more than 200 education institutions globally, with the entire network focused on the goal of developing a talent pool of 250,000 Data Scientists by 2022. WDSI is providing more than $300 million in subsidies to education institutions to bring this to fruition. To join this initiative write to WDSI@edvantic.com

Interested in learning more about Edvantic’s partner network or partnership opportunities? Reach out to us today!

“Our experience of joining the World Data Science Initiative and getting accredited by Data Science Council of America were made easy by Edvantic. There are many important logistics and processes necessary for accreditation, but with a seamless digital process and the tireless work by the Edvantic team, our accreditation was completed smoothly and on time, exceeding expectations. The process was fully their expertise enabling credentialing bodies such as DASCA to operate effectively and efficiently.”

Dr. Gasheja Faustin

Dr. Gasheja Faustin, PhD
University of Rwanda

"Without the excellent support and knowledge of Edvantic, becoming an Authorized Education Provider with the Talent Management Institute would have been difficult. The services Edvantic provides to their partners such as TMI make the expansion of certifications and learning available all over the world. We’re proud to be able to bring TMI’s advanced certifications to Liberia with the support of Edvantic."

Jonah Soe Kotee

Jonah Soe Kotee, MSc SHRM
Vice President - Internet Society (Liberia Chapter) ISOC
Association of Liberian Human Resource Professionals (www.alhrp.org)

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