Edvantic’s capabilities, resources, experience and expertise straddle the entire global education industry value chain. Our globally distributed teams and network of segment-leading partners drive the design and delivery of ground-breaking solutions that transform organizations into highly effective talent nurseries and change masters.

Our education management solutions impact the brand, competitiveness, renown and financial health of business corporations, academic institutions, governments and multilateral bodies like the World Bank. Our super-specialized academic, professional and leadership education programs in multiple disciplines lend the leading-edge to academic institutions and corporate learning academies and drive their learning and performance outcomes. Our accreditation, academic affiliation and CoE solutions enable client institutions adopt and function at global standards.

Edvantic directly powers the brand, competitiveness, financial health, and learner-experiences and outcomes for academic and professional educators across the board. Our corporate solutions equip business and non-business organizations for agile talent development and deployment in emergent functional disciplines and technology areas. We address the effectiveness, viability, growth and profitability needs of higher-education institutions as well as K-12 and preK-12 schools around the world. Our bespoke solutions help client organizations and institutions align rapidly to latest global trends and best practices, radically enhancing the economics, quality, impact, reach and results of their training and education programs, services and initiatives.

Powering Academic Institutions

Edvantic is the world’s first provider of solutions that help academic institutions obtain accreditation from, and affiliate with global leaders in data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain and strategy among others. Partnering leading transnational educational missions like the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI), Edvantic is currently leading more than 200 accreditation projects worldwide and assisting institutions in establishing centers of excellence in frontier disciplines like data science and artificial intelligence.

Driving Corporate Learning

In addition to offering some of the most powerful executive and leadership education programs in conjunction with ivy-league institutions, Edvantic also works with large business and non-business enterprises cutting across industries and sectors, helping them strengthen their corporate learning and leadership development initiatives through custom-designed professional education and training solutions. Edvantic corporate and professional education solutions incorporate latest themes that employees in critical business need to learn.

Build-up Employability & Talent Pools

Not to be missed, Edvantic directly and indirectly contributes to employability growth, workforce development, business improvement and industry growth by engaging in large scale education promotion, talent and employability development projects sponsored by government and multilateral agencies.

For All Categories of Educators

Edvantic devises solutions for managing design, delivery and effectiveness of education for institutions and organizations engaged in higher-education in science, technology, business, finance, humanities, health, arts and sports, as well as for schools engaged in K-12 and early-years education. On the other hand, Edvantic corporate academy solutions for business and non-business organizations cover practically all global industries including energy, information technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and banking among others.

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Edvantic is the world’s only provider of highly specialized solutions on accreditation of academic programs on international standards. Hundreds of universities, technology institutions around the world are getting their data science, artificial intelligence and talent management programs accredited by leading global standards bodies through Edvantic. In a similar vein, Edvantic is introducing specialized accreditation solutions for K-12 schools and STEM educators. Driven by its unique and deep partnerships with international certification and accreditation agencies, Edvantic gets institutions accredited in quick time using the non-disruptive digital mode.

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Academic Collaborations

Edvantic’s unique solutions on academic affiliation help institutions partner and collaborate with international certification bodies and globally acknowledged leaders in various disciplines cutting across technology, business and management. Networking with global peers and knowledge leaders is critical for staying synced with global best practices. Edvantic affiliation solutions facilitate rapid learning among institutions to help them stay ahead of the curve, because they must predict the new vectors along which the world will veer.

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Setting up Excellence Centers

Edvantic is a rare provider of opportunities to universities for setting up excellence centers in frontier areas of knowledge and disciplines including artificial intelligence and data science. Edvantic facilitates access to knowledge standards and provides specialized systems and process expertise required for establishing excellence centers.

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Professional Education

Uniquely addressing the unlearning and new-learning needs of growing professionals, Edvantic’s professional education solutions impeccably meet the needs of the rapidly changing business environment. Edvantic helps large organizations develop internal training and certification capabilities in emerging areas of work specialization including data science, artificial intelligence, talent management and business strategy. The solutions include designing curricula and delivery mechanisms of new training as well as internal certification programs for their employees, managers and leaders.

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Education Management

Edvantic’s education management solutions help institutions create, scale and manage new programs; re-energize existing programs; add value to teaching-learning experiences and engage more intensively with external institutions and experts. The Edvantic Global Institute is focused on research and innovation in education management.


Employability Development

Edvantic offers universities unique solutions to enhance student employability and career outcomes in high-demand work areas. One of the most effective pieces of the Edvantic solution is padding-up regular academic programs with employer-sought certifications of leading global certification bodies.


Workforce Development

Edvantic provides workforce development and industry improvement solutions to governments in projects funded by the World Bank and other charity/ multilateral aid bodies working in the social and economic development space. We facilitate state–of–the–art training and credentialing, deploying the standards and certifications of the global standards leaders in various disciplines.

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Education Product Development

The design of educational programs and courses is the most critical driver of learning and student development outcomes. We leverage our worldwide network of subject matter experts, learning designers, knowledge of global industries and the research and thought-leadership of the Edvantic Global Institute (EGI) to develop cutting-edge academic programs and super-specialization courses for educational institutions and corporate learning academies in a wide range of professional and technological disciplines.

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