Edvantic accreditation solutions aim at promoting globalized, standards-backed training, education, skill development and instructional excellence in frontier professional disciplines, including data science and artificial intelligence. Edvantic is an authorized service provider of industry-leading global certification bodies in various professional disciplines. Edvantic's official association with subsidy programs like World Data Science Initiative helps universities lower their accreditation project costs. Edvantic also offers unique accreditation solutions for K-12 schools, STEM education and early-years schools.

Multi-modal Programs

Doing it For Many Institutions Now...

Edvantic teams are engaged in quite a few accreditation projects in data science and artificial intelligence in more than 30 countries. Many of these projects are subsidy-funded under the World Data Science Initiative. Edvantic accreditation solutions include helping institutions obtain subsidies and grants from such multilateral initiatives and funding agencies.

Custom Programs

The Super-Specialization Advantage

The first in the world to expand the scope of accreditation beyond business and finance, Edvantic now offers institutional accreditation options that cover those specialized fields within technology and management disciplines in which talent demand is huge, and students require maximum employability interventions.

Edvantic Accreditation Solutions

For All Levels of Educators

Edvantic's accreditation solutions cover universities, business schools, technology institutions, K-12 schools, STEM educators and even playgroup and early years schools. The linkages with a slew of standards bodies across disciplines powers Edvantic’s accreditation services.

International Programs

The Convenience of Rapid Benchmarking

Edvantic's accreditation solutions help universities catch up with the latest curricula, knowledge standards, programs, and teaching-learning mechanisms adopted by education leaders around the world. The Edvantic process completes accreditation projects with virtually zero disruption using the digital audit mode.

Accelerated Expansion of Brand and Visibility

Edvantic's accreditation solutions help universities and institutions join the league of the world’s most renowned educators, and earns them the opportunity to power their undergraduate and graduate programs with the most advanced credentials. Accredited institutions are employer's preferred hiring destinations.

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