Nations, industrial bodies, non-government organizations, private institutions, multilateral organizations – all these entities need robust mechanisms to ensure their employees and workforces are qualified with the latest standards. Edvantic’s partnership with CredForce helps it access the world’s largest and fully integrated global credentialing consortium. We use CredForce’s credentialing prowess to make competence validation and professional certification easy yet robust, reliable and agile.

CredForce has spent the last several years connecting the world’s most seamless supply chain of knowledge, expertise, material and support services. This carefully crafted supply chain provides support to certification bodies and accrediting organizations in ways that make their operations more reliable, transparent and scalable. The knowledge, capabilities and experience of CredForce in credentialing straddle all critical nodes and stages of the value chain. All of this adds up to Edvantic become the exclusive provider of end-to-end services for the global certification and credentialing industry with capabilities to smoothly run and manage marketing, operational and commercial functions for our customers.

In partnership with CredForce we are offering the following services globally.

Services for Credentialing organizations

At Edvantic, we are building systems and expertise using the CredForce expertise that help certification, accreditation and credentialing bodies expand their impact and successfully overcome the structural challenges that have been debilitating them. We are using the rich repertoire of intellectual property, content, and proprietary expertise of CredForce in areas like standards development, audits, credentialing systems design, and assessment. We are also developing the content in many emerging areas like talent management, private equity, data science, artificial intelligence among others.

Student Credentialing Services

Edvantic brings the world’s most advanced ideas to the table to help your students stand out as achievers and the most attractive young hires. Our relationships with many niche-leading credentialing bodies enable us to design and execute the most effective credentialing solutions for your students to help them become employable for the best jobs across a host of industries and functional areas. Tap into the Edvantic expertise in rapid large-scale certifications to make your students significantly more employable. We can also embed world class certifications in the disciplines of your choice in your education and training offerings. We are officially mandated by the world's leading credentialing bodies like TMI and DASCA , among others, to customize certification solutions for universities and educational institutions. We deliver solutions that are replete with instruction and training kits, learning tools, certification vouchers, exclusive exam-taking solutions and related knowhow.

Workforce Certification

At Edvantic, we can help build workforces. We offer the world’s only set of large-scale, location-independent talent development and workforce certification solutions for international organizations and governments. Tell us your industry and functional skill requirements and we’ll build a solution tailored to your needs. We collaborate to evolve workforce development programs. The Enterprise-wide Workforce Certification Program enables large multinational organizations to establish their own centralized certification system. The solutions we create for our clients cut across industries and specializations. We set up dedicated talent development centers aligned with our partner credentialing bodies to support an organization’s adoption of global standards to create and implement their very own qualification system across their enterprise.

Captive Credentialing System Development

In association with CredForce, we also develop credentialing infrastructure that helps our large client organizations certify the departments, facilities and component entities for operational quality excellence. The Edvantic-CredForce credentialing infrastructure is custom-designed for high-stake certification and accreditation around the latest international benchmarks. Our captive credentialing solutions ensure that our high-impact organizational clients have their own robust internal frameworks hinged on the best-in-class standards that bind their geographically diversified and distributed workforce units into a high-quality machine, assuring the highest levels of organizational and professional performance.

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