At Edvantic, we leverage our worldwide network and knowledge of global industries to re-engineer and design new education and training programs that are global in nature. If you are a university, vocational institution, government department or any large multinational corporation, we can help you take your training and education efforts to the global level.

We are the world’s first and only specialist in designing, developing and commissioning higher education and skill development qualifications. We can develop special certification modules exclusive to your training program requirements.

Edvantic teams work together with universities on enriching academic curriculum with relevant qualification programs. We develop curriculum and programs for varying education objectives and levels coupled with complete branding, marketing and sales solutions. We specialize in the development of integrated education products in which existing university programs are embedded with the very best certification programs in the best possible way. Product related literature, collateral, tools and content are all developed by Edvantic teams.

The Network Advantage

Great products are built on an accurate understanding of customers. The Edvantic global network gives the clear advantage to our institutional clients in these regards. In addition, our delivery model is powered by a combination of technology platforms that connect all our global partners, associates and institutions in real time while enabling seamless delivery of services like audits, research, certification examinations and advocacy initiatives.

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