Edvantic brings the world’s most advanced ideas to the table to help students stand out as achievers and the most attractive young hires in a competitive job market. Our relationships with some of the world’s leading credentialing bodies enable us to design and execute the most effective certification solutions for students and help them become employable for the best jobs across a variety of industries and functional areas. Edvantic is officially mandated by many of the world's leading third-party credentialing bodies such as TMI, DASCA, ARTIBA, TSI, USPEC and IBCA to customize certification solutions for universities and other educational institutions. We can embed certifications in several disciplines in the existing education and training offerings of institutions.

Our certification solutions are replete with instruction and training kits, digital learning tools, certification vouchers, exclusive exam-taking solutions and related know how. They empower students with the tools and resources needed to reskill and prepare themselves to be part of a future-ready global workforce. With Edvantic as a partner, institutions can help their students obtain a nuanced knowledge of industry and market insights in their career fields and be part of a future-ready global workforce.

Employability Development

Personal Competency Development

Edvantic promotes student-centered education and hence student employability matters. However, we think employability is more than just helping students succeed in securing jobs and finding a career path. We believe in the importance of helping students develop their personal competencies so they can continue to grow and succeed throughout their careers.

Edvantic’s employability development team works closely with employers, students and our higher education partners worldwide to design and implement change-making employability projects in various forms. We provide a practitioner view to your students so they can access real-life experiences and develop the practical skills needed to succeed in their careers. Through our certification solutions, students learn about several case studies, personal and career stories, employment resources and job aids that are designed to provide them with an insider perspective on how to differentiate themselves and succeed as career-ready professionals in the job market. By integrating industry experience into students’ subject learning, we help them develop their employability competencies through raising self-awareness, developing transferrable skills, and cultivating emotional and learning agility, and position themselves as the most talented young hires to the best employers.

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