Edvantic outreach and collaboration solutions aim at bringing educational institutions and knowledge standards leaders together. Edvantic helps universities, schools and niche education and training institutions get affiliated with global standards and certification bodies in emerging and frontier disciplines, facilitating access to global programs, curricula and standards-backed training, skill development and instructional excellence best practices.

Multi-modal Programs

The Mission is On Steam

Notably, in Africa and Asia alone, Edvantic is helping 130+ institutions affiliate with global leaders in data science, artificial intelligence, talent management, and other professional disciplines. These associations are helping their students get standards-backed education and certified before they graduate and join the pool of hirable talent. In a post-Covid world, when universities need to overcome the threat of reducing student volumes and upgrade learning experiences, academic affiliation with global bodies is becoming essential, and Edvantic is with them all the way.

Connecting with Global Leaders

Connecting With Global Leaders

Edvantic outreach solutions help institutions associate formally with the best-known knowledge leaders across disciplines, opening up for them new opportunities of learning, benchmarking, collaboration and academic specialization in emerging areas. Edvantic is a formal service partner of several knowledge and credentialing leaders, and this relationship is leveraged to connect up educational institutions with them. Edvantic deploys a 100% digital process during the pre-affiliation stage ensuring zero disruption and no on-campus verification or due-diligence visits.

International Programs

Covering Several Knowledge Disciplines

For universities, affiliating with global leaders in frontier knowledge disciplines is key to developing their capacities and capabilities fast in these areas, to ensure quality of education as well as optimal student-learning and student employability outcomes. Edvantic currently helps university departments formally affiliate with knowledge and standards leaders in data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, talent management, private equity and investment banking.

Ensuring Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Universities often face the challenge of introducing new specializations or majors, and adapting the new in existing disciplines. Edvantic's academic collaboration ensure that the transfer and sharing of knowledge, insights, standards and best-practices from principals (affiliating body) to Edvantic client institutions happen fast.

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