Edvantic CoE set-up solutions help higher education institutions establish their own centers of excellence in disciplines like data science, artificial intelligence and talent management. In technology disciplines, Edvantic offers its CoE solutions also through the World Data Science Initiative subsidy program. Edvantic also helps existing centers of excellence upgrade to following frameworks of established global standards bodies.

Multi-modal Programs

The First of Its Kind

Edvantic's CoE solution is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and is coming in very handy for public universities and institutions in developing countries that do not have too much time or huge budgets to commit to developing centers of excellence. As a key feature, Edvantic facilitates access to global programs, curricula and standards-backed training, skill development and instructional excellence best practices to all its CoE client institutions.

Custom Programs

It's Happening...

In Africa and Asia alone, Edvantic is working on CoE proposals from many institutions in data science, artificial intelligence and talent management. A majority of these projects are funded by the World Data Science Initiative, in which the requesting institutions are being assisted by Edvantic in accreditation.

Expertise of Global Leaders

Edvantic CoE solution help institutions embrace the most advanced bodies of knowledge in the target disciplines, as the expertise is drawn from the best-known knowledge leaders. Edvantic's official service partnership with several knowledge and credentialing leaders helps tap their expertise for client institutions. Edvantic deploys a 100% digital process during the process, and ensures that the transfer and sharing of knowledge, insights, standards and best-practices from principals (affiliating body) to Edvantic's client institutions happen fast.

To know more, please write to us at expertise@edvantic.com.

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