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Reaching out across continents, Edvantic equips educators, education-seekers and education for lasting impacts on business, commerce, leadership and careers.

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Every Education Thing

Our education management solutions impact the brand, competitiveness, renown and financial health of business corporations, academic institutions, governments and multilateral bodies like the World Bank.

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The Power of Partnerships

Edvantic solutions, programs and initiatives draw from the expertise and experience of leading educators, education research organizations, regulators, certification bodies and education promotion bodies in virtually all corners of the world.

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Taking the Best To the World

Edvantic’s uniquely focused initiatives help educational institutions embrace and adopt global best practices fast and cost-effectively.

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Aligning Education to the Future

Technology continues to exponentially change and redefine the world around us. Designing and delivering education in a way that keeps the world ready for change is an extreme challenge. Edvantic gets educators up to speed with the times and then helps them get ahead on the curve. With the future of education already upon us now with such advancements and groundbreaking tech inclusions, Edvantic’s methods and models are ready for the challenge of evolving and changing for the future.

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Equipping Educators for Outcomes

Edvantic is engaged in dozens of accreditation projects around the world, equipping universities for latest data science and artificial intelligence education. Edvantic’s Accreditation Services and solutions help institutions get accredited by global leaders in various disciplines, equipping them with robust teaching-learning systems hinged on the most advanced standards in the world. In times of rapid obsolescence and non-linear change, Edvantic makes it easier for educational institutions to stay aligned to global standards and best practices without much effort of their own.

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Edvantic Accreditation Services
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Expanding Outreach of Institutions

Edvantic’s unique solutions on affiliation help institutions partner and collaborate with globally acknowledged leaders in various disciplines. Networking with global peers and leaders is critical for staying synced with global best practices. Edvantic affiliation solutions facilitate rapid learning among institutions to help them stay ahead of the curve, because they must predict the new vectors along which the world will veer.

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Powering High Octane Initiatives

Edvantic champions groundbreaking global initiatives and campaigns furthering education. The Edvantic Global Affiliation program, for instance is helping universities in Africa and Asia link up and affiliate with world’s leading professional standards bodies in data science, artificial intelligence, talent management, private equity and investment banking. Edvantic is also a proud partner of the World Data Science Initiative, handling the charge of getting universities accredited by international agencies.

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Driving Global Education

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Innovating Education

Edvantic is changing everything about how education is designed, delivered, distributed, bought and consumed around the world. On the one hand, we focus on emerging disciplines of knowledge and professions that people and companies need to thrive in the 21st century, on the other, we develop new models for educators across the board. Edvantic solutions help institutions around the world turn their education more purposive and outcome driven.

Leading World’s Best Education Company

Leading Education Around the World

Education needs to prepare learners for success today, growth tomorrow, and leadership always. Edvantic designs and delivers a wide range of education solutions for both individuals and organizations around the world. Our vast education ecosystem powers our efforts of making high quality education and educator-services available in all corners of the globe.

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Educating Leaders

Edvantic, in partnership with some of the world’s finest higher education institutions, offers innovatively designed programs for executives and global leaders.

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Leading Together

Edvantic’s vast network of partners is integral to our ecosystem, driving our mission to make high quality education accessible in all corners of the globe. From Ivy League programs to K-12 education and everything in between, our partnerships allow us to share knowledge with an ever-increasing number of people and organizations.

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Higher Education Management programs

Ahead of Change

The world is changing at a scorching pace in directions we cannot always fathom. Education, too needs to stay in step with this change – ideally, lead it. Edvantic’s experiences, systems, teams and repository of knowledge help organizations lead through education, and assist educators make and offer education that brings on leadership.

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Insights & More

Edvantic's repository of models, paradigms, and analysis virtually defines the contemporary science of education leadership.

Education Industry Impact and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted educational systems worldwide by dramatically changing the way schools, colleges, and universities operate, and how students learn. Edvantic solutions help organizations and institutions cope with the new norms of social distancing, reduced education budgets and online education.

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Teaching Data Science in Schools

Data Science is among the most promising and rapidly growing career fields today. Edvantic’s data science in school programs seek to make schools the first frontier of data science. Catching them young right in schools today is the surest way to develop professionals, scientists, engineers and leaders of tomorrow.

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Edvantic Global Institute

EGI creates new ideas, frameworks, tools, programs and knowledge standards that make managing educational institutions and regulating education more effective. EGI’s primary mandate is to engage in research to explore ways to enrich the education management competence of edupreneurs, senior academics, policymakers, senior executives & heads of schools and universities as well as other higher education and vocational training institutions.

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Edvantic Global Institute
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Edvantic is a great workplace for anybody who wants to play a part in changing the world through education. Edvantic offers exciting new roles and challenges in jobs that are designed keeping the future of work and workplaces in mind.

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The Edvantic World Education Report informs policymakers and educators across the board on global trends and best practices in education, profiling the future of teaching and learning. The report is put together by a global panel of researchers, experts, practitioners, and leaders from PreK-12 to the higher education landscape. If you would like to book your copy, please contact us here.

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