Collaborations and Alliances

Collaborations, joint-ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances have emerged as the most effective means to achieve accelerated results in education enrichment, expansion, diversification and globalization of training companies; institutions and even universities.

Edvantic harnesses it deep-reaching global network of associates to offer some of the most effective services to connect educators and universities with some of the best, most renowned partners they can possibly have. Partners, who will help your institution achieve greater international visibility, get more business, improve margins & profitability and help you deliver higher value to your multiple stakeholders. Edvantic works with multiple certification bodies, and your organization can be a potential beneficiary of the expertise and international renown of such global leaders.

To help us share possibilities for your organization, please write to us at partner@edvantic.com

Authorized Partnerships of Global Organizations

Edvantic offers services of unrivalled quality when it comes to helping you partner with global organizations - whether you are a University, a training company, a technology institution or a vocational training outfit. In fact, the greatest Edvantic advantage is that the size or scale of operations or the age of your institution does not ever become a barrier for you in acquiring an international partner. We have a wide variety of partnerships that we can offer, depending on your business objectives and vision and indeed, your investment capacity.