For Universities

If you are a university, Edvantic has several interesting value propositions for you.

For instance, we have helped leading universities in many countries acquire the prestigious license from leading certification and standards bodies like BPO Certification Institute (BCI), Data Science Council of America (DASCA), Talent Management Institute (TMI) etc.,

These high-value partnerships can be activated for your university within three months from start to finish and all certification programs can be made ready for offer from your campus.

The other exciting Edvantic proposition for your university is the facilitation of academic collaborations with international universities so that you can offer twinned degree programs at various levels. This value-add makes your offerings more appealing for students on the one hand and increases the marketability of your education products; on the other, the international part also enriches the teaching-learning and delivery processes within your university system.

To get more detailed information about how your university can benefit from these services, please email us at partner@edvantic.com