Faculty Exchange Programs

Edvantic Faculty exchange program facilitation services with international universities are among the most unique that you will experience.

Instead of suggesting you stock programs of run-of-the-mill universities, we carefully scan and study the academic objectives and profiles of your faculty members before suggesting to them options on where they can go.

In fact, we even identify specific projects in other universities which can be joined by your faculty members. Since one size does not fit all, when it comes to faculty members, we are very careful also in bringing and recommending faculty from foreign universities to your institution.

The other facet of our services activates when you host foreign faculty. Edvantic designs interesting, high-value and high engagement programs that give best possible opportunities to your faculty members for interacting with their visiting faculty counterparts. In fact, we even design special events around the visiting faculty so that your university can leverage their presence for enhancing its visibility, which always adds to to your brand image. What’s more, we work on several ideas to help you generate a lot of interesting knowledge during this association of short period. This knowledge can later be used to create content for your newsletters, journals etc.

To know more about how you can build mutually enriching faculty exchange relationships with other universities, please write to us at info@edvantic.com