Student Exchange Programs

Edvantic facilitates exchange programs with international universities of two types: Cultural and Academic. We leverage our networks with governments and Universities and other international platforms to identify the most affordable options for your students that will meet your institution’s objectives behind the exchange and also keep the overall costs low and appealing for students.

In fact, if we see some special sparks in your students and your institution has clocked some exceptional academic achievements, we even work on premier programs sponsored by various governments including the Fulbright or the German Academic Exchange. In fact, we encourage customizing an exchange opportunity to a student level and which means that at any given point, different groups of your students have actually gone to different universities – on exchange programs that exactly suit the common aspirations and objectives of a group.

On the other front, we also help you prepare completely for hosting students from your partner university abroad. This includes helping you set up special teams to manage different aspects of hosting these students; design special programs and courses for these students that are tuned to their visit-objectives; and also training your faculty and staff on issues related to handling foreign students.

To know more about how you can build healthy exchange relationships with other universities, please write to us at info@edvantic.com