The Edvantic branding solutions for Institutions and universities are the first of their kind in the world. We research, conceive and design visual identities and logos for new universities and institutions and also renovate logos and identities of existing ones; we manage brand image, develop collaterals and brochures, design print- and electronic brand and sales advertising programs and artworks related to admissions, events, products, courses and programs institutions offer.

The branding and marketing solutions designed by Edvantic for institutions and universities are comparable to what Fortune companies and leading business organizations adopt. Edvantic has pioneered several institutional branding models and approaches that uniquely integrate the vision of an institution with its visual identity, with its image among students, with its overall brand perception and finally with admissions and enrollments.

Most typically, an Edvantic client university or institution migrates to a new level of brand perception and student-numbers within six to nine months of diligent work by Edvantic teams. Experts, who have extensive exposure to the education space work on logo renovation; websites; portals; programs development; institution markings and signages; brochures and even uniforms of students and staffers, if required. That’s in addition to the development of clutter-busting marketing, advertising and program-sales strategies and action plans.

To seek more information on how your institution can benefit from the Edvantic branding services, please write to us at info@Edvantic.com