Student Acquistion and Admissions Promotion

Edvantic offers unique solutions and services to Institutions and universities to help them attract more international students to their campuses. In fact, at Edvantic we even undertake to get students in desired numbers enroll in your programs and courses. Our network stretches across more than 30 countries giving us an unrivalled reach to the student segments your institution may target.

Edvantic university and institutional clients benefit from many unique advantages, which only our worldwide network can offer. At the simplest level, for instance, we help our clients universities in Asia get students from several African countries in their BS, MS, MBA and PhD programs.

Similarly, several US universities attract students from China, India, Middle East, Turkey and Africa to their campuses.

To seek more information on how your institution can benefit from the Edvantic Admissions promotion services, please write to us at info@edvantic.com