Technology and Systems

Another interesting Edvantic capability relates to helping institutions adapt, embrace and become friends with the latest technological applications and solutions available for education. We draw from our worldwide network of relationships with education technology experts and solution architects when we design and implement technology solutions for institutions.

More specifically, Edvantic offers the following services to institutions and universities:

  • Strategic web architecture design, development and commissioning. These services aim at almost re-creating a “virtual” replica of the university on the web – ensuring expansive international visibility; faster increase in student population; improved systems of admissions-screening and complete controls on all the vitals of the university.
  • Design, development, testing and installation of Staff & Faculty Management system, which helps in continuous tracking and monitoring of faculty performances and in systematic, timely, and often intuitive training and faculty development interventions.
  • Design, development, testing and implementation of institution-wide Education Management System – an ERP for the institute, which integrates all front-end, back-end, revenue and non-revenue activities of all departments of a university.
  • Design, development, testing and commissioning of Smart Classroom solutions that help teachers and students align their teaching-learning activities to global standards and make the learning process more student-accountable and controllable.
  • Design, development, testing and installation of its own, customized online assessment backbone, which helps all departments of the university in their assessment and certification activities.

To seek more information on how your institution can benefit from the Edvantic Technology & Systems services, please write to us at icos@edvantic.com