Foreign Expansion

Edvantic helps institutions expand their footprint through establish physical and virtual campuses in other territories, even in foreign locations. The worldwide Edvantic network dots across continents and our relationships with education departments and ministries helps us collect, distill and funnel the most lucrative of expansion opportunities to your university or institution. A special Edvantic team is devoted to research on education markets in various countries.

Over the last several years, the African countries and Middle East, and Asia Pacific rim have appeared extremely attractive for education and a large number of Indian, American, British, Canadian and Australian universities and institutions have established their campuses there.

Expanding into a foreign country demands specialized knowledge of policies and regulations, in addition to accurate and detailed insights on student-expectations and behavior. The Edvantic approach delivers total expansion solutions that cover all possible dimensions of your expansion program.

We interact with governments and departments for space and other statutory approvals and often search for institutions that can be possibly acquired by you to quickstart operations. We even create strategies that can help you get grants and aids to keep your investments on the lower side.

To seek more information on how your institution can benefit from the Edvantic Admissions promotion services, please write to us at info@edvantic.com