Strategic Diversification.

In most countries, education has assumed the nature of an industry, often potentially more lucrative than other businesses. Universities, Training companies and Institutions in India, USA and UK are upgrading their programs to be at par with their competition in the education area. There is no end to opportunities and your institution, too, is sitting on a pile of them.

Edvantic has a smart set of services to help you diversify into new areas. In fact, we have been helping several government universities in many countries get into new areas like outsourcing/BPO, talent management, data science, AI, blockchain training; and into other specialized areas of information technology. Once you are with us, we help you map new diversification opportunities; we develop, design and test new product opportunities; we devise detailed programs; curricula and their delivery mechanisms. We indeed, also design end-to-end endorsement-marketing-sales and enrolment strategies and action plans and implement them.

To seek more information on how your institution can benefit from the Edvantic Diversification services, please write to us at programs@edvantic.com